The Scholarship Committee presented the 2020 Scholarship Awards to eight Montgomery High School Seniors at a social distanced ceremony outside at Belle Mead Garage.  And (drum roll please) the scholarship recipients are...
Rotary Scholarship Awards (5 awards - $1,000 each)
  • Destiny Funderbruk-Pittman
  • Alexandra Lister
  • Ethan Liu
  • Ben Mathew
  • Lawrence Wang
Harry Fenton Memorial Scholarship - Rebecca Legato
Andy Malek Memorial Scholarship - Kevin Kolodziej
Yumi Shibatani Memorial Scholarship - Serena Sharpless
Special thank you to the hard work of the Scholarship Committee for putting all this together in these socially distancing challenging times:  Kip Higgins, Kevin Lynch, Emad Abou-Sabe.