We’ve all heard the expression, “Showing up is half the battle.” This phrase definitely applies to this Thursday’s meeting.  I’d like to ask all members to please make every possible effort to attend this week’s meeting. This week we are having…. Drum Roll Please…. A Club Assembly!!…. Ta-Da!! (Please try to contain your enthusiasm.)  For the members of our club who are newer, a Club Assembly is where our entire meeting is dedicated to club business. We’ll be discussing club activities, finances, projects, assignments, etc...

At this meeting we’ll ask for everyone’s attention and participation. In addition to a financial overview, we will be going over assignments and what has to be done for our upcoming RWR on Earth Day. We’ll also have a follow-up discussion regarding the proposed addition of Funfest as a club event (in collaboration with the Montgomery Business Association).

Here’s what we need: We need your attendance; we need your input and we need your understanding of what you can do to help. I’d like to personally ask everyone who can attend, to please be there on Thursday.

"I believe the first step in any success - sports, work, a service group, whatever.. is showing up" - David DeNotaris

The agenda will include:
- Review of Club Financials
- The Giving Budget
- Run With Rotary updates and assignments
- Funfest

Yours in Rotary,
Tony Parziale