After last summer where we spent Thursday mornings under a pavilion in Van Horne Park, the COVID numbers were improving, and we were able to transition back to Cherry Valley Country Club in a hybrid fashion out on the covered patio.  This lasted a few months until the COVID numbers started going up again and the cold of winter required Cherry Valley to put up flaps around the perimeter which made being outside a lot like being inside.  And back to Zoom we went.
Now that the weather is starting to warm up and many of us have either received the vaccine or about to receive the vaccine, we are going back to the friendly confines of the covered patio at Cherry Valley.  Utilizing the hybrid format, we will still patch people in via Zoom if they are not ready to return to in-person meetings.
A few reminders:
  1. COVID-19 is still a thing.  There are some variants that have sprouted up and people are still catching it and even being hospitalized.  As such, let’s not drop our guard at our meetings.  If you feel sick, don’t come to the meeting.  Don’t shake hands.  Wear your masks at all times except when eating or drinking.  When eating or drinking, be six feet away from your nearest Rotarian. 
  2. Don’t complain about the food selection.  We are working with Cherry Valley and are doing the best we can.  The menu will eventually broaden, and hot breakfast foods will gloriously return one day.  But just not yet.  
  3. Please please please …make an effort to attend.  We have 36 members.  I know there are some members that have work or other commitments that don’t allow them to make meetings but most of you can and should attend.  On a weekly basis, we should have between 20 and 25 members at meetings either in-person or virtual.  It’s hard to get energy from a small crowd.
  4. If you are connecting via Zoom, there will likely be some technological glitches on the first day back at Cherry Valley.  I apologize in advance and am looking for someone to blame even though it likely will be my fault.
This week we will not have a speaker but will be operating in a Club Assembly format.  The main topic of discussion will be our Flags For Heroes fundraiser but, time permitting, feel free to bring up other topics.
Looking forward to seeing all of you in-person!
Rotarically Yours,
Zoltan Nagy
Rotary Club of Montgomery/Rocky Hill (NJ)