Posted by Zoltan Nagy on Jun 18, 2019

Given the quasi rural nature of our area, it is somewhat fitting that our club's Rotary Installation Dinner was held inside a barn (though as anyone in attendance would tell you, this was no ordinary barn).  Thank you to Emad & Ola Abou-Sabe for graciously hosting the event at on the grounds of their Agridor Farm in Skillman.  And also thank you to Kevin Lynch for organizing the event.

Tony Parziale was sworn in for his second consecutive term while Zoltan Nagy will become President Elect.  All the other officers from this year are returning next year.  To quote Plato (or was it Yogi Berra) "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
The highlight of the evening was the awarding of two Paul Harris Fellows. One to club member Ed Zimmerman for all of his hard work especially selling 50/50 tickets for Run With Rotary.  The other went to Peter Kauzmann, husband of club member Maria Kauzmann, for all of his behind the scenes work helping with a variety of projects most notably Flags for Heroes.