The Montgomery / Rocky Hill Rotary Club and Princeton Corridor Rotary Club maintain the grounds of one of the cemeteries of the former North Princeton Development Center.  The Developmental Center has a long history in town. The facility was created in 1898 and established as the NJ State Village for Epileptics. The State Village was designed to be a completely autonomous community for the treatment of epileptics. By 1953, the advent of epileptic medications made the facility obsolete and it then became the NJ Neuro-Psychiatric Institute for the treatment of alcoholics, drug-addicts, people with cerebral palsy, and emotionally disturbed children. The State of NJ closed the facility in 1998, but left behind two cemeteries, one of which is located off a secluded field in Montgomery Twp. The Princeton Corridor Rotary and our Club have annually visited this location to clear brush and mow the grass to maintain the peace and grace of the location.