Two Hundred and Fifty Heroes are Honored…

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The Date: December 4th, 2018.
Location: The Montgomery High School Front Lawn.
The Occasion: Flags for Heroes-Flag set-up.
The Result: Two hundred and fifty flags proudly flew in formation to honor two hundred and fifty great people. The visual effect is awe inspiring, so was the honking of horns and uplifting comments from the people who were driving by.

Dear Fellow Rotarians & friends,

I’d like to congratulate the Flags for Heroes committee for an outstanding inaugural effort. Our goal as a club was to receive sponsorships for two hundred flags. Being the overachievers that we are, we did better! Collectively, our club received sponsorships for two hundred and fifty flags!

Our Flags for Heroes project was introduced to the club by our very own (legendary) former president and resident, George Jarvis. George is now a member of a Rotary Club in Delaware. Flags for Heroes is done at other clubs across the country. It’s the main fundraiser at George’s new club. He shared the success of this event with Josh Turner. It
certainly was inspiring and it fired up Josh! He saw the vision. (George is still there for us!)

Every successful project needs a champion and strong team who are willing to lose sleep and peace of mind in pursuit of their mission. This project was no exception. The Flags for Heroes team was naturally led by Josh “Run it up the Flag Pole” Turner. Josh has been a man possessed by this project. I have unconfirmed reports that he has been saluting in his sleep!

While this project is a fundraiser that is going toward a very worthy cause, (Service Dogs for Veterans) I believe that it touches many people far beyond our original expectations.  The service dog will be of great benefit for the veterans who need the help, but think about what we’ve done for the heroes who are being honored and the difference that it will make to their families and friends. There are two hundred and fifty lives that have been memorialized. Heroes are being remembered and reminisced about. There is a warm glow in the hearts of many people who are celebrating the lives of their heroes and also remembering those who they’ve lost. When you think about it, isn’t that what we all want…to be
remembered and celebrated by the people we love.

All I can say with great pride is, well done gang!

Yours in Rotary,