Our new normal requires everyone to take care of one another.  
We’re being tested by COVID-19 and I believe that it came at a time of great divide. There is some good news however. People are rising to this challenge. I believe that we are passing a much needed test for humanity. We’re coming together to help one another against a common adversary.  Many times it takes a tragedy to bring people together. We’ve seen it over and over again. Right now, there are families and communities who are banding together through technology and other creative ways to help one another. This is happening regardless of any affiliations.  Whether someone is on the left or right; white, black, yellow, or however they may categorize themselves, we’re all in this together.
There is a unique irony and a lesson for all of us. The irony: We’ve been ordered to keep a safe distance from one another for everyone’s safety, yet this pandemic has brought people and the world closer together for a common cause. The lesson: We’re navigating this storm together. It brings out the best in people. Suddenly we’re not a thousand different identity groups who are pointing our fingers at one another. We’re one people united in this world to help one another. We’re helping one another to navigate this storm…together!
When we’re helping other people, there is an inner sense of purpose and serenity. I believe that we feel that way because we are on the right path. I believe that as human beings, we need to feel that sense of purpose and compassion. It brings out our best. It brings us together for a common cause. Suddenly we are not divided by our many “identity groups” who are constantly attacking one another. We are now one people who are coming together during this difficult time to take care of one another! I don’t want to downplay the tragedy that this virus has brought to the world. There has been sickness, and many people have suffered and have lost loved ones. There are also economic challenges. But in this tragedy and challenge, we need to see the goodness… The goodness that unites people for a common cause.  
Yours in Rotary,
Tony Parziale