While the ongoing pandemic has forced the cancellation of this year’s Run With Rotary, we are still plowing ahead with the 50/50 raffle this spring.  However, things will be a little different than in years past.   For starters, we are not running this raffle on our own but as a part of the clubs that make up our Rotary District 7475.  The tickets are priced at $20 each and the drawing will be held at the Raritan Valley Country Club on May 27th. Because of the combined size of all the clubs involved and the number of tickets expected to be sold, the prizes will be fairly high.   
Paul Blodgett has graciously agreed to be the point person for tracking the ticket sales and reporting back to the District.  We will have a communication out shortly as to the specific processes for receiving, selling, and returning your tickets and money.
Our club has received an allotment of 500 tickets which if all sold out would net us just under $5,000 for the Giving Budget.  Selling 500 tickets is very doable for our club.
But because we have a limited supply of tickets, we are going to need to do things a little different.  While we will hand out an allotment to each club member, we will also be selling tickets at the Tiger’s Tale and at the cafe at Princeton Fitness and Wellness.  We will not be setting up tables at these locations but using our Facebook page and other means to drive sales to those locations.  Unfortunately, due to state gaming regulations pertaining to charitable fundraising, we cannot sell tickets directly through our Facebook page or website.
And here’s where the 100% kicks in.  Each Rotarian will be allotted five tickets that they are required to either sell or buy themselves ($100 worth).  Recognizing that there might be some members who are experiencing financial hardship during these times, we will allow a Rotarian that couldn’t sell their tickets and are financially unable to buy them to be able to return them without penalty to Paul Blodgett provided they do so by April 1st .  This allows us time to then sell those tickets by other means.
Of course, Rotarians are highly encouraged to sell more than 5 tickets but the Board feels that this is a minimum commitment level for our members.  And, bear in mind, because we haven’t been meeting at Cherry Valley for a good chunk of the year, dues have been decreased from $80/mo to $30/mo during these months.
Although our target date for selling all the tickets is May 1st, let’s get it done quicker.  If we do that, maybe we can scoop up some unsold tickets from some of the other clubs and sell those too which would increase the amount going into our Giving Budget.
Until Flags For Heroes in late May or June, this is the only fundraiser on our books.  Let’s make the most of it!
Rotarically Yours,
Zoltan Nagy
Rotary Club of Montgomery/Rocky Hill (NJ)