Dog Days of Summer

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We have a great club. Our members span practically every niche of our community, and when we have a major undertaking, we can rally support from hundreds of people. We use a lot of energy to make things happen. Then along comes summer, which provides that much-needed opportunity to chill, to relax with friends and family, to give the brain time to wander.

I've always felt that one of the things that makes America great is our willingness to put in the hours.  It drove me crazy (still does) that when I was in school in Italy the entire country, the entire continent of Europe for that matter, shut down for the month of August.

We have been missing a lot of members at meetings since July 1, which I'm trying not to take too personally :) .  August is starting slow as well, and next week we will not have a meeting as people will be putting in their time at the 4H Fair.  I'm hopeful that the August 17 meeting with Natasha Rodgers, the August 24 meeting with Alexis Antracoli, and the August 31 meeting with Ray Disch will have record turnouts.

Enjoy your summer.  Recharge.  Get ready for an action-packed year!

Yours in Rotary,



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