“Will Twain”

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Dear Fellow Rotarians & friends,

As my predecessors have done before me, my goal (with everyone’s help) is to leave our club better off than I found it. We are a club that is rich in tradition and ideals. Those ideals make for a strong foundation that we can continue to enhance and build on.

I had the pleasure of hosting seven of the charter members of our club on Monday evening. It was inspiring to hear their thoughts and remembrances of our club’s history. As we move forward, I have a reverence for their view point and their suggestions. They were all very generous in sharing their thoughts. I spent most of the time listening to what they had to say. I left the gathering very grateful for their wise council and support.

One of the charter members, Keith Wheelock, is also our speaker for this week’s meeting. Keith’s talk is entitled “The World That This Grandfather Seeks for His Grandchildren.” It’s a retrospective look at Keith’s amazing life and the historic events that he has seen. He’ll also share his hopes for the future. I’ve had the pleasure of reading Keith’s outline and found it to be a fascinating look as seen through the eyes of an amazing man. Keith has had a front row seat to many of the historic events that span from the Great Depression through today.

In the tradition of Rotary, Keith makes his presentation while straddling political lines without favor to either party. Keith has given and has booked his talk with several of the area Rotary Clubs. I have reached out to many of the clubs and in trying to accurately describe Keith I said, “If Will Rogers and Mark Twain had a baby, it would be Keith.” Keith and I have been emailing back and forth. He no longer signs off as “Keith.” His last several emails to me have been signed off as “Will Twain.” It brings a smile to my face and out loud laughter every time.

Below is a brief summary of some of Keith’s accomplishments.

  • Charter member of Montgomery/Rocky Hill Rotary (1990)
  • History professor Raritan Valley Community College 1992-2013
  • Montgomery Township Committee, Planning Board, & Zoning Board of Adjustment 15 years
  • Conducted People & Stories/Gente y Cuentos programs in Somerset County Jail and This I Believe Stories at Raritan Valley Community College, Montgomery Senior Center, Stonebridge, Windrows, Princeton Public Library, and elsewhere
  • Business career in finance and management
  • U. S. Foreign Service Officer (6 years in/on Congo, 3 years in Chile)
  • Author Nasser’s New Egypt: A Critical Analysis 1960

Yours in Rotary,