What's Next?

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My mother always said I had ants in my pants. Still does. I haven't changed much. I don't think I'm alone. I've heard and read that many Rotarians want Rotary International to set a new agenda. Eradicating polio was a success. Times are changing and Rotary needs to get younger. There are 1.2 million members and that's not enough. There are over 35,000 clubs and that's not enough. The Montgomery/Rocky Hill Rotary Club has thirty six members but we need more. We had 900 runners last year but want 2,000.

We should never rest on our laurels. But first, we need to finish the job.

I was a Boy Scout for my entire childhood.  I reached the rank of Life Scout.  There were just twelve more steps to get my Eagle.  Once I hit eighteen it was too late.  I finished all my classes for my MBA but didn't do my final project until Christine got on my case.  Getting that piece of paper completely changed me from being a starter to being a finisher.

We've started a LOT.  Fortunately, we have a team unrivaled by any I've ever encountered.  That team has then gone out to recruit an army.  Let's rattle off some of the organizations we count on: the Dance Factory and the Montgomery High School Dance Team, three Interact clubs, the Montgomery High School Bands and Vocal Ensembles, the Montgomery Senior Center, the Montgomery Recreation Department, Special Olympics, Princeton Fitness & Wellness and the Princeton Healthcare System, our elected officials in Montgomery and Somerset County, the entire Montgomery Township School District, dozens of regional Rotary Clubs, and the incredible support of Bob Zeglarski and the entire District 7510.

With resources like that, imagine what we can accomplish in record time:

  • financing and acquisition of a new mobile soup kitchen for S.H.I.P.;
  • sending a Montgomery student to Japan next summer and welcoming a student from Japan for the 2018-2019 school year;
  • a rebranding of the Run With Rotary that raises more money, has more runners, helps more organizations, and brings multiple organizations together for one unbelilevable day.

To achieve those goals we will need to be well organized and well versed in our communications. It would be easy to get sucked up in the excitement of these new endeavors, but we can't loose sight of the many other projects we spearhead, new and old.

We need to finish.  There were eight reported cases of polio this year.  Polio hasn't been eradicated.  Resources and manpower are still needed to get the job done, but that doesn't mean we at the grass roots level can't start thinking about what Rotary should tackle after polio.  The mobile soup kitchen will have funding in no time, but that doesn't mean we or our fellow clubs shouldn't be thinking about the next project we all tackle.

What's next?  Whatever it is, our army is ready to take it on.

Yours in Rotary,