The Fastest Horse Can Make a Difference

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Dear Fellow Rotarians and friends,

Many years ago, I heard a story that demonstrated the difference between really winning and just maintaining a good pace. I’ll try to do it justice from my memory. The story is about the big difference that a little extra effort could make.

Two well-known horses were invited to participate in a great race. The winner of the race would receive a guaranteed One-Million-Dollar prize. The second place horse would receive a One-Hundred-Thousand-Dollar second place prize. Both horses were very close in ability and had a history of winning performances.

Race Day:
The horses were at the starting gate awaiting the signal for the start of the race. The starter’s pistol went off with a bang and the gates flew open. Both horses made a mad dash down the track. As the two horses rounded the first turn, they matched each other’s performance stride for stride. The air was filled with dust and what sounded like galloping thunder. The two horses began to switch back and forth in and out of the lead position.

The crowd rose to their feet in awe of what they were witnessing. No one knew for sure which horse would win. The horses came around the final turn and were running neck and neck,
heading for the finish line! No-one could tell which horse was in first place. It was that close! As the two horses crossed the finish line, the race could not be decided. It was a photo finish. The crowd went wild!

After careful review, it was decided that the first place horse won by what appeared to be inches. It was a great race with a photo finish! 

At the celebration that followed the race, the second place horse was awarded One-Hundred-Thousand Dollars. The first place horse was awarded ten times that amount….One-Million-Dollars! Here’s the question to ponder: Was the first place horse ten times better?

Okay Tony, nice story, but where are you going with this? Here’s where: I’d like to use this story as a metaphor for what our club could do with just a little extra effort. What can we do that will have the biggest impact on the people who need it the most? Where can we make the biggest difference?

In the spirit of this year’s Rotary International theme…
Let’s Be the Inspiration… Let’s Make a Difference. Let’s be the Faster Horse.

Yours in Rotary,