As Dorothy said at the end of The Wizard of Oz “there’s no place like home”.  Taking another step forward on to the road to normalcy, we will be returning to Cherry Valley County Club on Oct 1 for our weekly breakfast meetings.  Our Installation Dinner held at Cherry Valley this past week went off without a hitch (thank you Kevin and Lisa) and I look forward to getting back to our weekly home.  Next week will be our final meeting (at least, for the time being) at Van Horne Park.
I want to thank Lisa Youngberg who suggested Van Horne Park and procured the permit from the Township.  It’s actually a pretty nice setting for summer meetings and I think it may be something we should do from time to time in future summers.  However, with the autumn chill hitting particularly hard these mornings, it’s time to find warmer quarters.  I also want to thank Andy Mozumdar for handling the challenge integrating Zoom users into the meeting.  This went much better than I expected, and we will try this at Cherry Valley too so that those who are still uncomfortable with in person meetings have an opportunity to stay active.
Acknowledging that we are not totally out of the woods with this pandemic, we will be holding the meetings out on the second floor patio.  The patio is covered so rain is not an issue and heat lamps will keep the autumn chill at bay, but I recommend you might want to carry an extra layer of clothing with you just in case. As you might imagine, Cherry Valley is also going through some logistical hurdles with providing service during these times.  Initially, we will be operating on a limited menu more along the lines of a Continental Breakfast.  My hope is that this will only be temporary for a few months and, if conditions improve, we can get back to our usual breakfast fare.  I ask for your patience during this period.
And, finally, some of you asked how many people responded to my hidden message in last week’s President’s Message.  The answer is 14 so that translated into a $140 donation to SAVE.  Thanks to all who responded!
Rotarically Yours,
Zoltan Nagy
Rotary Club of Montgomery/Rocky Hill (NJ)