Per the terms of our club bylaws, elections for next year's club officers will be held during the first meeting in June which falls on 6/3.   Also per the bylaws, President-Elect Andy Mozumdar has proposed a slate of officers (found below) which will be voted on by the members present at this meeting.  Please note that, in addition to those appearing on the proposed slate, nominations can also be made from the floor that day.  The terms of the new officers go into effect at the start of the next Rotary year which commences on 7/1.
The following are the proposed slate from President-Elect Andy.
Andy Mozumdar
President Elect
Ron Dolenti
Vice President
Doug Merritt
Louise Wilson
Lisa Youngberg
Club Services
Kevin Lynch
Dennis Helms
Community Services
Sharon Prosinski
Vocational Services
International Services
Josh Turner
Board Member At-Large
Tony Parziale
Immediate Past President
Zoltan Nagy