Random Acts of Kindness

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Dear Fellow Rotarians & friends,

This week’s message is a little pragmatic. I’d like to share some random thoughts on kindness and what I believe is really valuable in life. A few years ago I had lost a good friend of mine. As I read through his obituary, I was struck by the last line that said, “In lieu of flowers, please perform Random Acts of Kindness.” That has stayed with me over the years. It really struck a chord. To reference Wikipedia: - "A random act of kindness is a non-premeditated,
inconsistent action designed to offer kindness towards the outside world."

Find opportunities to show kindness. It could make someone’s entire day. Lead with kindness in all that you say and do. Look for opportunities to be kind in our day to day lives. It will make a difference to the person who you’ve helped and also make a difference in how you feel about yourself!

World Kindness Day is November 13, 2018… Who knew?!

Our Most Valuable Possessions
If you ask different people, “What are the most valuable things that you possess?” you’ll get a variety of answers. Some people will say their homes, cars, boats or planes. You may get an answer that includes, a financial portfolio, or a rare
collection of coins, stamps, or wine. There is no limit to the things that we can accumulate in our lives…. But the number one question to ask yourself is, “What are the most valuable possessions to you?” The answer: The things that you can’t
replace with money.

Let’s start with the people in our lives. It’s our family and our friends that mean the most to us. They can’t be replaced by writing a check. You can’t place an order for another conversation with someone who passed on. You can’t order something from the “should’ve catalog.” It doesn’t exist. Say what needs to be said now; spend the time that you can with those who are closest to us now. Don’t save your best manners for work and social settings only. Let your family see the best of you at home too!

Final Thought – Take Lots of Pictures
My advice to all younger people is to take a lot of pictures. They can be passed down from generation to generation. Pictures capture the best moments of our lives. Your pictures document your journey with the people that you care about the most. They bookmark our memories and they tell our story. 
Take a lot of pictures. Don't be lazy in capturing the event. How long does it take to capture the event? A fraction of a second. How long does it take to miss the event? A fraction of a second. So don't miss the pictures. When you're gone, they'll keep the memories alive.” –Jim Rohn

Yours in Rotary,