News Flash: Rotary Soiree Goes Overtime

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Dear Fellow Rotarians & friends,

Here are some signs of a really good time: First, it’s a good sign when you’re at an event and the DJ is still going strong at 10:30pm when he is supposed to be done at 10. Second, when the management of the establishment flashes the lights on and off because they are ready to close and they want us to go home…but we still want to stay.

The Date: March 29th, 2019. The Place: Café Graziella.
The Event: The Rotary Club of MRH’s Spring Soirée.

Last Friday’s Spring Soirée was all that we hoped it would be. Thank you toeveryone who attended and to all who helped to make the evening such a fun night. For those who didn’t attend, you missed a great time! But fear not! Below are some highlights…. It all began Friday evening around 6:30pm….

The crowd began to gather early. Off in the horizon was the silhouette of a couple walking towards the gathering. As the couple began to get closer, a bright pastel pink light began to illuminate the area. As the couple came within sight, the light got brighter and brighter. The crowd was mesmerized as this bright light began to warm the area. Was it…? Could it be…? Yes, it was Josh and Cheryl Turner and the blinding pink light was Josh’s pink sport coat! Yowza!! I took it as a sign from above telling me that we were in store for an amazing evening…And we were!

It was great to see so many members and guests. It was great to see Kip Higgins, our charter member who has done so much for the club over the years!! The conversations were lively and filled with laughter; the food was fantastic and
the DJ began to crank out some of our favorite tunes. On the dance floor we witnessed some amazing moves. Keith Wheelock was bustin’-a-move or two on his tricked-out walker-trike. Our “Zumba King” has still got it!! Keith was escorted to the Soirée by our very own Ed “The Friar of 50-50s” Zimmerman. Our Director of Club Service, Kevin Lynch and his wife Terry were also cutting a mean rug. Who knew that Kevin had all of those moves!? It reminded me of John
Travolta in Saturday Night Fever!!

Since the event’s venue was held at a BYOB establishment. Our club was prepared. I’d say by about 10:15, at least seven members of the club (including yours truly) had the privilege of trying on Josh’s pink sport coat. Maybe it was me (and a little wine), but wearing the coat made me want to sing show tunes!

A Very Warm Thanks To All for a great turnout and a FUN night!!

“When fun gets deep enough, it can heal the world.” – The Oaqui

Yours in Rotary,
Tony Parziale