Let’s Fly with Our Heroes

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Dear Fellow Rotarians and friends,

I’d like to dedicate this week’s message to our newest fundraising project, Flags for Heroes. Through member support, the Flags for Heroes project has the potential to become our third major fundraising event.

Here’s the line-up: Run with Rotary on Earth Day; Fun with Funnel Cakes at the 4H Fair and now, Flags for Heroes!

Calling All Members: We need to get this project successfully off of the ground.  Flags for Heroes is like a plane that needs to take-off and fly! Picture this project as if it were a plane going down the runway. In order for a plane to take flight, it’s got to travel down the runway at full throttle. Anything less than that will not work. It’s the only way that it will get off of the ground. Here’s the beauty of this analogy. Once the plane reaches the proper altitude, we can adjust our cruising speed. Flags for Heroes is very much the same.

We, as MRH Rotarians need to be the power and wind beneath the wings of this project. We need an all-out effort to get this project off the ground! Last night I started this process by personally sponsoring a flag and medallion.
My goal is to find individuals to sponsor at least four more flags before November 15th. Let’s all get started. I’d ask that we all make that same commitment. Let’s start by going to our website and sponsoring a flag in honor of one of our heroes.

The best time to do this is now! .From our MRH Rotary website: Flags for Heroes will be displayed from December 5-15th along Route 601, in front of Montgomery High School. The flag display will honor our local heroes, and will serve as a spectacular welcome for Wreaths Across America as they make a stop at the school on December 12th. Wreaths Across America is an annual holiday initiative to deliver over 200,000 wreaths from Maine to Arlington National Cemetery, with a theme of Remember, Honor, Teach.  In addition to honoring your hero, the proceeds raised from this year’s event will go to support service dogs for veterans.

Let’s Take the Action; Let’s Make a Difference… Let’s Fly!!

Yours in Rotary,