It Made a Difference for Erin!

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Dear Fellow Rotarians and friends,

As we move into the second quarter of this Rotary year, my thoughts turn to just how fast time has been passing. We’re in the second of four quarters. The question that I often ask myself is, “Are we gaining all of the ground that we could in the time that we have. Are we doing all the things that we could that will make the biggest difference?”

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of hearing from several non-profit organizations. Non-profits like Isles, Seeds to Sew and TASK. They have a HUGE common denominator…They promote self-sufficiency. Let me say that again… They promote selfsufficiency.

They are non-profits that utilize their resources to teach those in need how to be productive members of society. Does that move your needle like it moves mine??!! These organizations are GEMS!! They lend a helping hand while teaching those in need how to help and support themselves. That’s where problems are solved!!  We need to look at organizations that not only help where needed, but also promote and teach self-sufficiency!!

On October 14th, Crawford House will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. To quote from their website: “Crawford House provides Comprehensive and highly individualized program for women, aged 18 years and over, who are residents of NJ, homeless, indigent, and free from substance use for at least 14 days. Based strongly on the 12-step model, Crawford House not only provides physical, emotional and spiritual healing for women in a safe and mutually-supportive
community, but also provides women with the education, treatment and knowledge of how to use community support systems so they may achieve and maintain a substance-free lifestyle.”

Erin Barry had Crawford House and some very fine people make a difference in her life. She is no longer a drug addict in a homeless shelter. She’s become so much more. Here’s an excerpt from a recent email from Erin:

Good Afternoon,
Update: 1. I got a promotion at my job, I have been promoted from environmental specialist to environmental manager, my boss said it was well deserved, announced it to the company and I received many congratulations emails.
2. I got into Rutgers Professional MBA program. I start September 15th.
3. I have given 4 scholarships to Rutgers Recovery students for this upcoming semester through my work with the FARM Team - their annual fundraiser is November 4th and you are all invited!

Thank you for your time and guidance.
With Gratitude,
Erin Barry

Crawford House and some very fine Rotarians have made a difference for Erin…. And Erin, while she continues to grow, is making a difference for others….

Yours in Rotary,