Harvard, Princeton & 50/50s

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Dear Fellow Rotarians & friends,

We’re all familiar with great Ivy League colleges such as Harvard, Yale… and of course Princeton.

Question: What makes these pillars of education so great? Some may say the faculty. Others may say the resources that are available. Others may also add the surroundings, like the beautiful grounds and buildings that are rich in tradition and history.

While I believe that all of these things are beneficial, they are not what makes these institutions great. What makes them great are the students who attend. These academic institutions will only accept the best of the best. The best people
who are willing to work and to do more than many others are willing to do. It’s the people inside an organization that makes it great.

What makes a Rotary Club great? What makes a fundraiser great? You guessed right. The people inside! The people who are doers; who make things happen! It’s all of us. We’re the people who step up to the challenges and get things done. We’re the people who see a need and find a way to do things for the benefit of other people.

It’s time for all of our members, our great doers, to become goodwill 50-50 ambassadors and finish the job that we’ve started for SHIP. We’re on the ten yard line and now it’s time to score! Art Martin sent an email to me from the truck company that is building the new SHIP truck. They invited Tom O’Leary to come down for a “walk through” while the
truck is being assembled. It’s time!

Let me remind everyone of last year’s 50-50 prize money.
* $9471 for 1st prize (35%)
* $2706 for 2nd prize (10%)
* $1353 for 3rd prize (5%)

As members of one of the greatest Rotary Clubs, we all have two choices: The choices are between doing something that’s Easy or something that’s Easier….

Easier - is to just casually, once in a while, mention that we are selling 50-50 tickets and hope for the best. Easy - is to mention that we are raising money to buy a truck for the non-profit SHIP. We can talk about all the good work that they do
and about the nice prize money that’s available. It’s Easy to schedule a time to sell tickets at the fitness center, or Shop-Rite or any other place where there are a lot of people. I’m asking everyone to do what’s Easy…

Let’s make this year our most successful sales year ever!

Yours in Rotary,
Tony Parziale