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Graeme and I visited Terhune's on Saturday for the first time in a very long while. To me, the experience of Terhune's on a beautiful autumn Saturday is the epitome of feng shui. Police are directing the hundreds of car drivers trying to park as close as possible, even though the walk from the field right across the street is only five minutes. People are EVERYWHERE! They come to make scarecrows or sample the wine or pick apples or study the pumpkins to make sure they get not only the perfect one for their jack-o-lantern, but more importantly, a better one than their neighbor's.

Wikipedia (which never lies) defines "feng shui" as a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.  The crowds were a part of the environment.  The hay.  The cats wandering around.  The sights and smells.  We were simply two of the many, and we had our own mission that may have been shared by others but could easily have been our own.  We were there for two things: Macouns and donuts.  We could have carried out our mission on a quiet Thursday afternoon, but it wouldn't have been the same.

There are several missions we as a club are undertaking in need of some feng shui.  We have an aggressive agenda, and some of the projects have many moving parts involving not only our members but members of other clubs and organizations outside of Rotary.  To succeed we must take a deep breath, ignore the distractions, and set our sights on the goal, big or small.

One of many example involves our goal to send a Montgomery student on a Rotary exchange and to accept a foreign student into our homes.  The logistics are formidable, but it all starts with a simple phone call.  Ignore all the details, and pick up the phone.

The same can be said for our goal for each of our members to get one new $500 sponsor for the Run With Rotary.  It sounds really hard.  "I hate asking for money" is the usual comment.  But I promise you that if you don't pick up the phone, you will fail to reach the goal 100% of the time.  If you make a call, you are at least in the game.

Thursdays are my feng shui days.  No matter what else is going on in my life, I know that for 90 minutes I can relax and smile and really have fun with my best friends.  I hope you feel that way too.

Yours in Rotary,