Challenge for a Cause

Challenge for a Cause

[July 19]

Hi Everyone.

Four days from now I'll be sitting on my bike, setting out for a 112 mile ride. The 2.4 mile swim will be behind me, and I'll hopefully be ignoring the prospect of the 26.2 mile run around Mirror Lake. Thanks to everyone who has already donated. I reached my $5,000 goal in under an hour back on May 23. That was the day Christine entered Sloan-Kettering hospital to get a massive dose of chemotherapy, followed by stem cell replacement two days later, to treat multiple myeloma. She was diagnosed last fall, right around the same time my friend Bill Capuzzi sent me a simple text: "up for an Ironman?". The coincidence that the fundraiser for Lake Placid is multiple myeloma made it impossible to say no.



[July 11]

July is the time everyone seems to be setting goals. Summer book lists. Mid-year work assessments. Thoughts about the upcoming school year. How and when do we set goals, and are there times when we should avoid them?

Montgomery and Rocky Hill

Montgomery and Rocky Hill

[July 05]

I'm a huge fan of Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill, of the swath comprised of Hunterdon, Somerset, Mercer and Middlesex counties, of Jersey City and the Jersey Shore, and really all things New Jersey. I've lived here for 21 years, both boys were born at Princeton Hospital, and have been fortunate to have neighbors who moved here and raised their families here and are still here. The twelve kids in our neighborhood still hang out every chance they can even through they range in age from 21 to 11.



[June 29]

I'm a huge podcast fan. I burn through them every day on the train, walking across town, and while out on long runs. There is no way I could have finished last night's 20-miler without them. I've noticed that the topic of "curiosity" keeps reoccurring. It is often paired with "humility". Those traits are abundant in our club.


How Are We Doing?

[January 12]

Last week I presented a Report Card on the Club and how we were doing. The Governor told me that he never saw a club give itself a report card, and he liked the idea. If anyone missed it, let me know and I will send it to them directly. Overall, I think we are doing very well.


Members Making A Difference

[December 15]

Last week was a great week for the Club. We had a full-house meeting at the intimate Hobler House where Jeff Gould was announced as the President-Elect. Then as the leader of a group of clubs, we closed out the largest project that the Club has ever taken on - the Homefront Playground. Lastly, we inducted two new members into the Club, Minkyo Chenette and Shreesh Tiwari, and their membership takes up to 36, higher than it has been in some time.


The Landing

[December 01]

Jarvis likens himself to international legends!


Things We Do

[February 10]

At last week’s meeting, Art Martin used a happy dollar (or five or ten) to tell our members of good work being done by some of our members, below the radar, so to speak. So I would like to echo Art’s shout-out, but in a message that goes to all of our members. As I endlessly preach, knowing what we do is pretty fundamental to explain to people why they should support Rotary and our club in particular, and why they should join our club. Our people do good work.

Water for South Sudan

Water for South Sudan

[January 20]

Water for South Sudan (WFSS) is one of the best organizations that we support, and it has a special connection to our club because Josh’s father was a key founder and organizer. See this week's Reveille for a copy of the December 1, 2015 letter from WFSS’s president Glenn M. Balch, Jr. to Bill Hyncik, acknowledging our donation this year.

RI President K.R. Ravindran

RI President K.R. Ravindran

[January 13]

Rotary International President K. R. Ravindran is a man who has a way with words. His eloquence is matched by the power and insight of his ideas and observations. His Presidential Messages in each issue of the Rotarian magazine should be on your “must read” list every month. They are always worth your time. You can read them at: