Members Making A Difference

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Last week was a great week for the Club. We had a full-house meeting at the intimate Hobler House where Jeff Gould was announced as the President-Elect. Then as the leader of a group of clubs, we closed out the largest project that the Club has ever taken on - the Homefront Playground. Lastly, we inducted two new members into the Club, Minkyo Chenette and Shreesh Tiwari, and their membership takes up to 36, higher than it has been in some time.

Overall, 5 new members joined the Club in the last quarter of the year, and I find that the energy exhibited by the new members does two things: 1) it infuses all our members with a renewed sense of purpose; and 2) it gives the Club the ability to share responsibilities as we take on even more good works and activities in support of our local community.

To that end, I plan to share with the membership a full list of committees and activities that currently exist within the Club. Everyone should review this list carefully as we look to take the Club to the next level. Some older members may need a break from responsibilities they have owned; some may want a change; some may want to start something new, and our newest members will want to dive into activities that suit their needs and objectives. So be on the lookout for this list as it will be your chance to make our Club stronger and make a difference in the world.

I have been to a number of clubs in the area, and through the course of the year, I have spoken to countless people in Rotary and I can assure you that we have one of the most active, vibrant and successful clubs in the District. Let’s keep it that way. And thanks to each and every one of you for all of your hard work.

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