How Are We Doing?

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Last week I presented a Report Card on the Club and how we were doing. The Governor told me that he never saw a club give itself a report card, and he liked the idea. If anyone missed it, let me know and I will send it to them directly. Overall, I think we are doing very well.

I also listed all of the Committees and Club Activities that make the Montgomery/Rocky Hill Club so vibrant. The list is attached to this week’s President’s Message. I ask every member of the Club to actively review it and make sure that they are part of our activities and missions. The Club will only get stronger if we continue to volunteer to get things done. I plan to talk to every one individually about this list and their personal involvement.

Committees and Activities

This week Josh Turner will be pinch hitting for me as I will be out getting yet another bionic part put into my aging body. This time Bill Hyncik has set me up with Dr. Fred Song for a ‘left Reverse Shoulder Replacement’. I thank Bill in advance for the referral and I pray that Dr Song is on his best game this Wednesday. So please give Josh all the assistance he needs to lead a good meeting in my absence. I understand that Jim Troop will be giving his Classification Talk and I will be missing it. He has told me on more than one occasion what he does, but when I walk away I am still shaking my head and asking myself “What does he do??” Maybe someone could record this talk for me because I think we need to keep a close eye on Jim!!

See you in two weeks.

Yours in Rotary,


The President's Message

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